Reported toad in distress in airport parking lot was monitor lizard

Animal rescuers on the island of Guernsey said they were called out for a report of a toad in an airport parking lot and arrived to find the animal was actually a monitor lizard.

The Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said in a news release that rescuers were dispatched Tuesday on a report of a toad wandering loose in the Guernsey Airport’s parking lot, but they arrived to find a “very different animal.”

“The call was to go and help a poorly toad but when I got there it wasn’t a toad at all but a very black water dragon,” GSPCA rescuer Neil Hughes said in the news release.

Black water dragons are a type of monitor lizard.

“The lizard is now back at the GSPCA in one of our vivariums,” Hughes said.

The reptile is believed to be an escaped pet and officials are now attempting to find the owner.