Maryland man’s second lottery jackpot comes more than a decade later

A Maryland Lottery player said his persistence paid off when he scored a $50,000 jackpot more than a decade after winning a $25,000 prize.

The 58-year-old Middle River man told Maryland Lottery officials he used one of his personal sets of numbers when he bought a ticket for the Aug. 4 Bonus Match 5 drawing at the Royal Farms #015 store in Essex.

The man said he discovered a few hours later that he had won $50,000.

“I was home checking my phone and I looked up and all the numbers matched,” he said. “I was like, ‘Wow, it is a winner!'”

The player said he kept his cool.

“I was calm. I didn’t get too excited. Now, if I ever won a million dollars, then I might jump up and down,” he said.

The winner said the key to his winning was persistence. He previously won $25,000 from a Pick 4 drawing more than 10 years ago.

“If you wait on something long enough, it will come,” he said.

The man said he plans to use his prize money to “catch up on some bills.”